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Last year, I posted about all of my New Years resolutions, and I remember feeling a little exposed putting my hopes down on paper for anyone to read. However, looking back, I am so glad I did. It feels great to remember where I was last year at the New Year, and where I am now... and it is really cool to see which things in my life completely changed, and which have stayed the same. 

2015 was an awesome (and busy) year for me. Looking back, it seems as though I spent the majority of my time learning, whether it was in school, new jobs, or learning about new people entering my life. My summer was literally spent celebrating life and love, as so many of my close friends got married this year. It was really amazing to be a part of this next step in their lives. Nick and I also celebrated some really special moments this year, and we are soaking up being engaged for these last few months before our big day!

I'm so ready for 2016. There will be a lot of changes to come, but I'm so excited for them. Along with the usual healthy resolutions I always have, I am really focused on one thing this year: to just enjoy living life and being present in the moment.

Living the Hawaiian Life


Hawaii will always be one of my favorite places. Growing up, my family used to go to Maui almost every summer, and I have the fondest memories of endless beaches, suntans and many hours spent playing in resort pools with my sister. I have been asking Nick to go with me to Hawaii for what seems like a year now, but with so many other occasions on our schedules, its been hard to find the time. Finally, we had the chance to get away last week and it was just as beautiful and refreshing as it has always been. We made some amazing memories hiking through the Na Pali Coast, sailing on the ocean at sunset, indulging in tropical drinks, and being beach bums.  

Currently Coveting

coveting basics

[ YSL lipstick, Vimmia black tank, New Balance sneakers, Alexander Wang T-shirt, R13 Distressed Denim, Pump, Rails button-up, Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bag (in 'ice'), day-to-night dress, Vita Fede bracelet ] 

As much as I love getting dressed up for fun occasions, I am definitely (and have always been) a 'jeans and t-shirt' kind of girl. I can't get enough of nice tees and comfortable button-ups, mainly because you can wear them casually or dress them up. Neutral colors are definitely my go-to, but I love brights & pastels, too. I tend to purchase nicer t-shirts (I love super soft ones) because I can wean wear them for almost any occasion (paired with a skirt & blazer for a fancier look, or with boyfriend jeans while I run errands), and I can wear them forever.

What are your favorite staples/basic items? 


I am not a very competitive person when it comes to other people, but I am extremely competitive with myself. If I make a vow to myself to do something (or not to do... aka eat junk food), I am pretty committed to following through with it. However, for some reason, I make New Years resolutions every year and as I'm sitting here today, I can't even remember what they have been for the last several years (with the exception of the ever obvious one to "eat healthier"). This year, I am determined(!) to stick to them. 

1. Its inevitable... eating healthy and working out is number one. Several years ago, I made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle (aka no constant junk food & working out regularly), and I the payoff has been so amazing that self-restraint is no longer a constant struggle for me. However, I have periods where eating a row or two (or three) of Oreos is just a little too easy. So this year, I am making a resolution to eat well- more fruits & veggies and less processed foods. I also am committed to working out 3+ days a week. Exercise is such a stress relief for me, and is such a nice break in the day to find a little time for myself.

2. Don't stress. I have the tendency to not always live in the moment, but often to worry about the future. Especially while I have been getting my MBA- its an odd position to be back in school full-time, and not having the normal satisfaction from succeeding in your career. But I am trying to step back and just enjoy the freedom of being a student again, and to take advantage of the flexible schedule and the opportunity to learn.

3. Blog more! It has been difficult for me to find the time to blog as much as I want to now that I am in school and dealing with the reality that I have homework again (wah). But... I love blogging and I want to give A Little Lavender more attention this year. Additionally, I think that I will be adding some personal touches to my little blog in 2015, as I go through the process of planning a wedding and enjoying amazing trips and special moments with friends and family. 

I'm limiting myself to 3 so that achieving them is actually a possibility without getting overwhelmed. 

Life Lately


2014 has been an amazing year for me, and it has ended in the sweetest way possible.... by getting engaged to the love of my life. I am SO excited to enter into a new chapter with Nick, and I'm looking forward to all of the exciting events life has ahead for us, together.

I honestly can't believe 2014 has come and gone already. Everyone always says your 20s go by in a blink of an eye, and I am truly starting to feel that way. Even though I wish I could be 26 forever, I am actually enjoying the feeling of getting older and moving into new stages in life. This stage, filled with friends and family, education and new careers, and lets face it... actually being able to splurge on international trips and amazing meals without having anxiety like we did in college, and without all the responsibilities that will come in our thirties. This past year was filled with so many changes (moving down to Los Angeles from San Francisco, starting business school, etc.) and I am so happy to say that all of them have had such positive effects in my life. I couldn't be more excited for the new year and to make the most of every day. 

xo Natasja